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Our Runners

Stephanie Robinson

Hi my name is Stephanie Robinson and I am running the 2019 Boilermaker under the Charity Bibs for Hospice & Palliative Care. This will be my third year running under the Charity Bib Program because I believe it is such a great program to keep funds local in our community. I chose to participate in the charity bibs for Hospice because it is an organization that I believe is an essential part of our community. I also am currently employed by Hospice & Palliative care as a social worker and can attest your donation is going to a wonderful organization and being used for great things for people right here in our community. Please consider supporting me in an effort to help the terminally ill in our community.

Jesse Hoffert

I’m currently a licensed practical nurse with the Boilermaker on my bucket list. I’ve learned that running is great therapy. This years’ new year resolution was a healthy life style for myself. What better way to find extra motivation than to sign up for a charity bib. I chose to run for hospice because I had utilized their services last year.

Hospice was amazing to my father and family when he lost his hard fought cancer battle. I would like to give back because of the amazing people that have been so generous to my father and family during one of the hardest times in our lives. I hope this shows my children you can do anything you can put your heart and mind to and what giving back does for one’s soul.

Heather Strain

In the Fall of 2018 while saying goodbye to my uncle I vowed to him that I would always be my best self. I got a personal trainer and made my health my first priority. What better way to remember him; I am honored to be able to run in the 2019 Boilermaker!! After my uncle’s 25 years of dialysis, he decided it was his time.

Hospice’s Siegenthaler Center, took him and my family in with open arms. From the moment we walked through their doors to the time we walked out, the staff was nothing short of family to us. We were so blessed to have such loving, caring, generous, supportive people by our sides through this difficult journey we endured. We could not have had a better transition. Hospice was a blessing to my uncle and my family. I am willing to run for my uncle and to raise money so this facility can continue to give and love on each family that is blessed to walk through their doors!
May we put one foot in front of the other to help make a difference for one more person’s care.

Lis DeGironimo

Hi, I’m Elisabetta (Lis) and I’m running for Hospice & Palliative Care. I am delighted to participate in the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program so that I can give back to an organization that gave so much to my family during my mom’s last few months.

In August 2017, our world was turned upside down when my mom suffered a massive stroke. With intervention, she regained her motor skills but never fully regained her speech. After she returned home, she developed various complications requiring additional hospitalizations and rehabilitation. Ultimately, she developed vascular dementia and congestive heart failure that were insurmountable.

When her health declined to the point where comfort care was recommended, she was offered a room at the Siegenthaler Center. Within a few days of her arrival, it was clear that the Siegenthaler Center was a very special place. The nurses and staff were so patient, kind, and loving – it was like my mom was being cared for by family. Words can’t express the peace of mind I felt knowing she was getting the best care possible.

Our family felt at home there and our lives regained a sense of normalcy that had been missing. We were able to bring my mom to the kitchen to make Christmas cookies; the nurses would remind my dad to eat lunch and worry when he arrived late; and on Christmas, we set a table in her room complete with our Christmas linens and china and had our traditional Christmas meal together with her. The quality of her life and our family life was improved by being at the Siegenthaler Center – we were given the gift of peace during this difficult time.

Please help me give back to this wonderful organization and exceed my fundraising goal of $500 to support Hospice & Palliative Care to continue providing loving care to other families throughout our community.

Adrian Bartholomeo

Over the last two years I have seen how much love and pain are intertwined. The care Hospice provides is an example of what love looks like in action. Running this race means a lot because I know the funds I raise will make a difference for the families we are serving now and those who will need support in the future.

Blake Starner

My name is Blake Starner, I am 36 years old and reside in Liberty, NY. I am a full time police officer/sergeant for the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office as well as a New York State Licensed Funeral Director. Fitness is an important aspect of my life, I am a regular Crossfitter and just completed a half marathon last week. Fitness is a necessary aspect of my work life and for me personally. I have an extensive working relationship with Hospice in both of my careers and amazed at the compassion and skilled care extended to all of their patients throughout the support process. I look forward to participating in this wonderful event with my sister, Shannon Cayea, my husband Ryan and our two boys Aden and Finn, and appreciate the opportunity.

Shannon G. Cayea

I have signed up for a Charity Bib supporting Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. this year because it will allow me to support a cause that I deeply believe in. Hospice & Palliative Care allows our community members to live as well as possible for as long as possible while providing quality compassionate end-of-life care. My life has personally and professionally been impacted by the incredible work done by the Hospice team and I could not think of a better cause to be running for.

I am spirited this year to run the 15K race with my son and brother by my side. I have competed in numerous 8K and 5K events and have decided to challenge myself to complete the ultimate road race. Please consider making a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one touched by Palliative or Hospice Care that will perpetuate me to cross the finish line with an even bigger purpose. Thank you!

Wendy Karas

I am very happy to once again be able to raise money for Hospice this Boilermaker! I have known several very special families that were cared for by Hospice. I have seen first-hand the care, compassion and respect all were treated with….not just the client.

I will be running with our oldest son Adrian, currently a Social Worker at Hospice….so send those donations to me online….just a friendly family competition. 😉