ONEFITWIDOW.COM – Specifically for young widows, uses the power of exercise to work through grief

WWW.FIRST30DAYS.COM – Daily tips to get through the first 30 days after a loss

WWW.WIDOWNET.ORG – Articles and online support for widows and widowers

WWW.COMPASSIONATEFRIENDS.COM – Support for those dealing with the death of a child

WWW.GRIEFWATCH.COM – Articles on grief, books and mementos to order online

THELIGHTBEYOND.COM – Articles, blogs, and forums for various types of losses

DOUGY.ORG – National center for grieving children and their families

GRIEFSPEAKS.COM – Youtube videos and articles about personal journeys through grief

WWW.WHATSYOURGRIEF.COM – Educational resources, ideas for coping

WWW.BEREAVEDPARENTSUSA.ORG – Support specifically for grieving parents


WWW.FRIENDSFORSURVIVAL.ORG – Grief support after a suicide death

WWW.GRIEFINCOMMON.COM – Connect with others who are grieving

WWW.GRIEVING.COM – Forums for specific types of losses, and forums on issues related to grief

WWW.GRIEVINGDADS.COM – Stories for Dads about a father’s grief

WWW.COPEFOUNDATION.ORG – Articles and online groups for families living with the death of a child

WWW.CENTERFORLOSS.COM – Dr. Alan Wolfelt, The Center for Loss and Life Transition

GRIEFSTEPS –  GriefSteps for Parents is a free app that guides parents on ways to understand their child’s grief process and gives them ideas on how to support their children. – Workshop on Coping with Grief during the Holidays

With the increased use of the internet and social media, people have found it helpful to have online grief support. Online support lets you connect with people who are grieving losses similar to yours; they can reduce the sense of isolation caused by geographical or physical/medical constraints and increase feelings of validation. Many of the groups are loss-specific and many are moderated by professionals. As always with online groups, be careful to make sure the group is authentic.

The following Facebook groups deal specifically with grief issues. Go to and type the title in the search window to access the group.

  • Grief loss and recovery
  • Grief beyond belief - a faith free support for non-religious people grieving the death of a loved one
  • Grief the Unspoken - loss specific groups for drug/alcohol overdoes, LGBT grief, loss of a pet, loss due to suicide, loss of a sibling
  • has private Facebook groups for death of a child, death of a grandchild, death of a stepchild, death due to a specific diagnosis
  • Online closed support groups for various kinds of losses, moderated by professional grief counselors