Who Benefits from A.I.M. Palliative Care?

Who can make a referral

patient, family member, primary physician and/or specialist.

How to make the referral:

May submit referral form on our website (hospicecareinc.org), email referral to AIM@hospicecareinc.org Bor patient, family member or primary care physician, and/or specialist can call A.I.M. team with phone referral 315-735-6487 at extension 1026 or 1048. *Preferred method for referral is from the medical provider in order to obtain medical records*.

Payment Source:

Payment Source:

a. Medicare part B covers this service at 80%, some secondary insurances will cover the additional 20% and some do not.

b. Eligibility is verified prior to talking with patients and or family members, because some insurances do not provide coverage, or they do not follow the above Medicare guidelines.

c. All medications, DME and supplies are the responsibility of the patient; we can help facilitate orders from the primary care physician and/or specialist.

To refer, please download the document below and email to AIM@HOSPICECAREINC.ORG

Any questions please call Melissa at 315-735-6487 extension 1026 or Tina at 315-735-6487 extension 1048 or can email A.I.M. team at aim@hospicecareinc.org.