Our Mission

Our mission is to help alleviate patient and family suffering and to promote patient quality of life through professional clinical consultation, and education.

Who Benefits from A.I.M. Palliative Care?

If you have a serious illness affecting your quality of life (CHF, COPD, end stage cardiac, ALS, cancer, MS, Parkinson's and more) causing you significant discomfort, you have questions about your treatment plan, or you need additional support.

What can the A.I.M. Palliative Care team do for you?

  • Treat your pain and symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, depression and anxiety
  • Help you maintain the most comfortable, independent and active life possible
  • Provide answers, assistance and emotional support to you and your family when making difficult medical decisions
  • Help coordinate care and treatment with your doctors
  • Identify support services to help you during and after your hospital stay
  • Improved ability to carry on with your life
  • Improved ability to tolerate medical treatment
  • Provide in home telehealth services
  • Better understanding of your medical condition and medical choices

When is the right time for A.I.M. Palliative Care?

A.I.M. Palliative Care helps during all stages of an illness. It is best introduced early, alongside curative treatment.

How can I get A.I.M. Palliative Care?

How can I get A.I.M. Palliative Care?

To begin A.I.M. Palliative Care, ask your doctor for a referral. We can help you whether you are in the hospital, at home or in a nursing home.

We can address these needs with an experienced team of specially trained physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and spiritual care coordinator. This team works with your doctor to provide the best possible care.

For more information please contact us at:
Phone: (315) 735-6487 ext. 1048 | Fax: (315) 624-0416

To refer, please download the document below and email to AIM@HOSPICECAREINC.ORG