We would love to know your Hospice story and be able to put a face to it. Whether it’s a memory or a story of gratitude, or to let others know what you know, we want to share it with the community. How has Hospice made a difference in your life? Whether you are a patient, family member of a current or former patient, friend or community member, we want to hear from you!

By sharing your photos and stories about how you have been impacted by Hospice, you help others to better understand hospice care.

Faces of Hospice Release Form

Click on the video links below to meet some of our Hospice families:

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John’s Story

Meet some of our Faces of Hospice:


“Hospice brought peace, grace and comfort to our sweet baby girl. Because of Hospice, we were able to spend every precious moment with her at home surrounded by those who loved her.”

“My mother experienced a level of quality care that treated her mind, body and soul- the whole patient and not just her disease. She was treated with constant attention and respect allowing her to leave this world as she lived her life-with dignity and grace, as there is no second chance at life nor is there for end of life.”

Albert made wonderful choices in his life. He knew the importance of exercise and hard work. He ran his last Boilermaker at 92 years young and was gardening, canning and enjoying family activities, even after his cancer diagnosis. He made an important decision about his final hours as well, that Hospice fulfilled.

“No matter what trials or tribulations we face in life, we do not want to see our children in pain. Hospice helped Denise to be pain free, and for that I will be forever thankful.”

Joseph Michael Chubbuck was diagnosed with a rare cancer. After three major surgeries and nine aggressive chemotherapy regimens at two of our nation’s top cancer centers, Joey was told he was too weak to continue with treatment, returned home, and was placed on Hospice. “Hospice was wonderful to Joey and to our family. The nurses were always available to answer our questions and Joey’s pain was well-managed throughout his care. Hospice made it possible for Joey to be home with his friends and family- where he wanted to be. Hospice made our final days together comfortable and as natural as possible,” stated his mother, Barbara.

Hospice helped these two sisters connect in a whole new way. They were able to share this experience together. Carol said, ‘Thank you will never seem enough for all the love, care and support shown to me and my sister.”

At age 20, Steve barely survived when his vessel, LST 507, was torpedoed during “Exercise Tiger”. Forty days later, after leaving the hospital, he took part in the D-Day invasion, one of the first to land at Utah beach in Normandy. At Age 90, while in the hospital with a grave illness, Steve made it known he wanted to be able to spend his final days with family in the home he had built with his own hands. Hospice provided the care and support needed to make this possible. As his nurse noted, “He is fighting his final battle on his own terms.”


“For over a decade I’ve had the privilege of volunteering for Hospice in many capacities. The most important thing I learned is that we can all make a difference in someone else’s life.”


“We became involved as Hospice volunteers as a means of gaining a greater understanding about end of life and the bereavement process. Together, we believe Hospice volunteering provides a great opportunity for us to share an important role of service within our community. By traveling this intimate journey volunteering, we have gained and shared a deeper life experience within our relationships.”


“Hospice believes in making every day count for patients with a terminal illness. Our focus is comfort, physical, spiritual and emotional support. This is training I live by with every patient and their loved ones I work with. They will always be part of my life. For this life experience I am eternally grateful.”